As a mama of 3 and bonus mom to 2 teens, I’m truly struck by how fast the years come and go. 

Growing up, we all dream about who we want to become and what role we want to play in the world. But as time passes and we begin raising human beings, we quickly realize that life is all about memories. When we leave this world, we don’t take the money with us. We don’t take our careers with us, the nicely furnished house or that car we just purchased. 

All the little things that consume your day-to-day won’t matter. Not the messy house, or the dirty laundry that filled the hampers. The bags under your eyes or what size jeans you wore won’t even be a thought. 

Your kids will remember all the wonderful memories and experiences that filled their childhood years. The trips you’ve taken, the mama-son, or mama-daughter spa time you had – all the things that brought them joy.

Those memories are the ones they’ll hold near and dear to them.

The stories they’ll be able to tell their kids about their childhood and traditions that have been passed on. 

Dallas Family Photographer

Those are the memories
that live on.


Nothing retells these stories and experiences more than pictures.

My Lifestyle Approach

Lifestyle photography is all about connection. It’s about showcasing your family in a way that highlights your love for one another. 

Instead of smiling at the camera, I will provide you with gentle prompts so that your focus can be at looking at each other and making memories. All while I capture all the little details that will immediately take you back to this point in time. 

I aim to capture all the natural moments that tell the story of your family. These are the beautiful memories that can’t be recreated. They are the memories that live on your walls so that you can be reminded of that special moment in what may have seemed like such a chaotic or busy season.


Because before you know it, it will allll become a blur.

This is my world all in one picture. They give me life. Everything I do is for them and I am who I am because of them. 

Everyday I thank God for them and am so blessed to call them mine. 

My Family

Yall, I've gotten in a bad habit of ordering everything from Amazon. It is hands down, the best invention ever! Well, next to Alexa that is. 

And the subscribe and save  option is great for things you know you'll need regularly. Talk about saving time and a trip to the store!! At least that's what I keep trying to convince my husband. 


Food fuels me more than the average human. So much that I consider eating to be one of my hobbies, haha. I am a total foodie and love to cook (even from scratch). I enjoy every cuisine and am very open minded when it comes to trying new things. 

Cooking for my family is also something I love doing. Full bellies and hearing "nom nom nom" from my three year old truly fulfills me. 


My husband and I love farmhouse so much we recently purchased land out in Celina, TX and lived out our dream of building our very own custom farmhouse. 

All things Farmhouse

As a former elementary teacher, one of my strengths was organization. Having to organize my classroom was key to creating routine and efficiency for me and my students.  

This strength of mine has also served me well in my home. From spice jars and towels in the linen closet to labeled drawers and bins for my kids toys and games. 


fueled daily by

in a nutshell

Get to Know Me

whitney n.

The photos were absolutely exemplary! Ling was professional, kind and most importantly, patient! She is great with communication and goes beyond expectations to make a family feel comfortable! She made it priority to ensure that my daughter was a result, she ROCKED the session! I loved her creativity! I would recommend her to anyone!

great with communication & goes beyond expectations

sonna k.

Ling took our twins 8th birthday photos and we are so happy how the pictures turned out! In addition, the whole experience working with her was very positive and I’d definitely recommend her to anyone! My girls had a lot of fun and felt very comfortable with her. Thanks again Ling!

had a lot of fun and felt very comfortable


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